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(1) [sharing]The shadow thief_偷影子的人英语作文800字

"Stealing the shadow of the man", it is a heart, the warmth of the novel, the story meanders, like a trickle, gradually into the heart, to heart. Taking the childhood as the starting point, the author tells about family affection, friendship and love. The special function of communicating with the shadow makes him more able to see the invisible side of others. In fact, every powerful heart has a soft heart. Human is a strange species, always duplicity, always give yourself a protective color, do it yourself unbridled is simply a luxury.
To see a child being bullied by the protagonist, although they were not being bullied, but can not help but recall those who have this experience in primary school children, the heart is great trauma and injuries have much impact on the future character of the interpretation of dreams (the profound impact of childhood experiences on personality). Every child is an angel, your careless words, for children, may be fatal harm. He is just a small part of your life, and you are all his life, do not miss the most precious pure love. Although the author does not mention the influence of children"s experience on their personality, these effects are more or less reflected in the future of human life.
Twelve year old boy with autism children Claire, initiation emotion, life has little effect on claire. If the little boy had never stolen her shadow and read her heart, maybe the little girl was still a deaf mute in everyone"s heart. Because the boy inadvertently praised her voice as a cello, the little girl embarked on the cello music path. Maybe everything is predestined, every meeting is not to meet again. Miss more than ten years ago, now can not miss again, the hero finally overcome content fear, boldly walked into the girl. If he doesn"t try, maybe he"ll never know, and the girl"s heart is open to him.
Although the development of the story of "stealing the shadow" is a clue to fantasy, it is a warm and emotional line. The reader accompanies the boy from ignorance to maturity, and feels the infinite energy of family, friendship and love. If asked, who can accompany us from regret to death, from birth to death, some people may say that parents, some people may say that a friend, but people have ignored that unknown forever standing behind, sharing happiness and sadness of "shadow" friends. For the little boy who stole the shadow, he was too obsessed with what he had lost, but he didn"t treasure what he had. His father"s departure became the wound of his heart, and he often neglected how much love his mother devoted to him. He wanted to make up for his shortcomings. The boy"s heart is full of love for his mother, but this love has not been expressed, he does not know, some words, if not say, there will never be a chance. Life after adulthood is rich and colorful, and the work is substantial. He had grown accustomed to his mother"s care for him, but had been careless, and never noticed that his mother had grown old. He had never even stolen the shadow of his mother. He knew so many secrets and helped so many people, but he never knew his mother"s heart.
"Some people only kiss shadow, and only have the illusion of happiness." Savon"s famous quote accurately sums up the theme of the whole book and the actions of the protagonists. And this book gives me the inspiration is that a story can be perfect, but life is not so perfect, in addition to sweet and bitter, in addition to laughter, and tears. We also like the characters in the story, as a child, there are some as big as the day, now it seems childish and ridiculous trouble, but also the most sentimental, the most innocent about love ignorant. Every laugh, worry, happiness, meeting, parting, and even reunion in this book are all about growing up and about life. I saw his own shadow in the book is that we have to be brave enough to grow up, brave to face everything in life, the courage to love and be loved, brave and alive, the most important thing is to face and accept yourself, accept the reason and rules covered by layers bound by myself.

(2) [sharing]小黄车的英语作文

最近很多大城市都投放了共享单车(shared bikes),比如摩拜单车(Mobike)、Ofo共享单车等。由于它们方便停放,骑车也能起到锻炼身体的作用,作为代步工具很受大家欢迎。但是,各地也出现了很多毁车现象,比如刮掉车上的二维码(QR code)、上私锁等。你对这种现象怎么看?你对共享单车公司有什么建议吗?写一篇符合逻辑的英语短文,80词左右。
参考词汇:bike-sharing companies 共享单车公司, Mobike 和Ofo 是两家共享单车公司,convenience 方便,register登记
One possible version:
The shared bikes like Mobike and Ofo bring great convenience to people. You needn’t lock them by simply using your smart phone. They can take you where the subway and bus don’t go. And they can be left anywhere in public for the next user.
However, bad things happen. Some people damage the QR code on the bike, or use their own lock, which causes trouble to other users. In my opinion, it’s difficult to turn these people’s ideas in a short time. Therefore, bike-sharing companies like Mobike and Ofo need to do something. For example, those who damage the bike should pay for their actions. Also, because people use their real name to register as a user, it’s a good way to connect to one’s personal credit.
In the end, what I want to say is to take good care of public services.

(3) [sharing]共享单车的利与弊英语作文

About three decades ago, China was known as the “Bicycle Kingdom”. But the two-wheeled mode (方式) of transport’s popularity began to fade, with many bikes soon replaced by their fuel-powered competitors.
But recent months have seen a revival (复兴) of the humble (普通的) bike across China, with an increasing number of people choosing cycling instead of driving to schools, to workplaces or to do sightseeing. The introduction of bike-sharing schemes, pioneered by start-ups (新兴公司) like Ofo and Mobike, has brought the trend to a new level.
According to data compiled (编制) by iResearch Consulting Group, the first week of this year saw 5.85 million active users of Mobike while Ofo had 1.4 million active users.
People can unlock the shared bikes by simply using their smartphone. The bikes are equipped with GPS and can be left anywhere in public for the next user. They’re popular among many Chinese people as they provide an effective solution to the “last mile” problem, which refers to the final leg of a person’s journey.
“In places where the subway doesn’t extend (延伸到), where it’s difficult to change from one kind of transport to another, it’s so easy to get where you want to go with Mobike,” Hu Hong, 29, told AFP. She pedals (骑自行车) to her Shanghai real-estate (房地产) job.
However, the schemes have also led to problems such as illegal parking, vandalism (故意破坏) and theft.