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Actually, Korean can bell would have recognized this is "violent" mo wen wen"s voice. But today she rich imagination, want to the whole she somehow, so - "to find our house can bell? -- are you?" The first time a can the bell at the throat to fine gas speak softly, feeling very uncomfortable, after finished, even she was secretly smiled.
"Aunt hello, my name is mo wen wen, you can also call me wen wen, I is a good friend to the bell. Just, you how to use the bell of the mobile phone, isn"t?" After all or vice monitor, this little trick also cheat her.
"Smart! The bell is himself, is himself the bell! Did you just fall?" Korea can bell do a face, and slower reaction of opposite the man could not see...
"Even I"m the whole, if later I have to fire alarm control can bell?" Mo wen wen"s voice grew more teeth, listen to Korea to ling willies.
"Gnome male -", cooled down, I was wrong not yet? You don"t so angry." Korea can bell suddenly think this is wrong, one side in a hurry to apologize, and is "shameless" to ridicule.
But late to apologize, she has obvious feel calls another thick, strong: "Korea bell I rao not you!!!"
"PSST - 88" the bell to draw breath and body hair all stood up and quickly put the telephone hang up, this just a sigh of relief.
Nearly dusk, Korea can bell sat in a chair, looking at the sky a daze. The color of the sky more gentle warm, light yellow, orange, yellow mix became a painter on the palette is not the gentle tone, with a warm warm burnout, last touched the sky clouds.
"Ding ding ding ding..." Suddenly, her phone bell break down the rare quiet very not harmonious.
"Hello, mom?" Bell called lazily, this can"t blame her lazy, but the comfortable weather lets a person want to sleep.
"Can the bell, mom notified the company this morning to go to Hong Kong party, ticket all condemned good, need many days to come back, this time can"t be with you, are you alone at home, I also don"t rest assured, will go to the students home. Also, what clothes themselves, should learn to independent, summer comes, take a few pieces of dress...
Mother in the other end spoke in an endless.
Korea can bell suddenly spirit up, angry count fingers: first, how many days are days? Second, why suddenly received notice this morning to tell me now? Third, do you think so good classmate house to ah, you is who? Fourth, in addition to the thought of clothes and old mama you? Diet? Accommodation? You no matter what you are? Fifth, my birthday is in August, the party even whether your daughter birthday? I whether you own? Sixth, the single most important one, dad on a business trip, who to me!
"Alas, leadership, come! Can bell, mother will go to the airport, don"t you have a few special good friends? They live! And my mother back to bring a gift for you! So, bye bye." Mother should lead to, and commanded the Korea can bell. Korea can l admire his mother for the first time that "belligerent" character.
"Ah, is really of." Can the bell helpless shook his head, as if she is a mother. "Good ah, haven"t mother luggage whole, help my mother clean up, clothes, cosmetics and passport on line ah, to the downstairs, unit responsible for answering the lee aunt will take the luggage, lovely, mother, come back to you to bring a gift!" The mother coaxed her like coax three-year-old.
Packed luggage, finally to the downstairs, think of yourself. Live to students, can the bell the first think of is the mo wen wen sweet appearance. Well, mo wen wen even, just call really let my heart can not let go. The pleasant appearance, her temper is good, or, at least life support. Just thinking, dialed the telephone of yue form home.
"Hello, bell, what"s the matter?" Same gentle tone, let Korea can bell heart big half down.
"Yue posture -" can decide the bell of the gas, "my mother is on a business trip, I could come to you live?"
"Line, I call my Yang Shu to meet you!" Pleasant appearance and easy to say and then don"t forget to use bold tone threatened: "hurry up! Don"t let this young lady, such as urgent!"
1. The castle as the house
"Coming!" Can the bell ran to the door to open the door.
"Would you can miss bell is Korea?" A man said the polite.
"Well, it is." But the bell answered carefully.
"I"m miss yue posture Yang Shu, listen to miss orders to her home to meet you. Oh, by the way, call me miss Yang Shu, you can also be called so. Please give me the baggage." Yang Shu introduce yourself with a smile. "Well." Korea can pass Yang Shu bell luggage, put on shoes.
"Miss, please come with me." Stay can lock good, bell Yang Shucai pulling suitcases downstairs.
"Oh my god, this is the house of yue appearance car? Too luxurious!" Until meet yue home that long, pitch-black shine not well-known luxury car, but the bell was a sigh.
"Yes, miss." Yang Shu can bell opens the door for Korea.
Got into the car and smelled a comfortable taste of France chanel. Inadvertently looked up and found that less of the skylight, the deep blue of the sky suddenly filled with fluid in Korea"s line of sight of the stars in the bright white like a white, Milky Way through in the boundless sky.
The car started, quickly out of the village, came to pleasant appearance. When can the bell still revel in the beautiful night view, Yang Shu has opened the car door for her.
"Young lady, please get off the bus." First foot to the ground, has been in front of Jin Guangshan to, when the car has been taken in the second foot, really feel pleasant appearance of the house of rich. Delicate iron door opened slowly and there is a path, with sending out mysterious dark yellow light on both sides of the droplight of bats in a row of osmanthus trees, in the distance a carve patterns or designs on woodwork bench outside the poplar broad lawn like something over, all was quiet.
"Good evening miss bell." Korea can bell was almost frighten to death the noises. I do not know when a row of maid is in a standard way of bow to say hello to her.
"Ha ha, you, you, how are you." Korea can bell a stunned don"t know what to say, had to say hello to follow them.
"Please, miss." Yang Shu can open the door bell.
Into the hall, in the sight of a bright. The corridor of the sitting room of bright, bright, glittering crystal lamp, the carpet of pure cotton, pure side armrest, the sofa of pure wool, carve patterns or designs on woodwork of desk and chair...
Korea can bell two eyes shine, mouth can plug next to two eggs, pleasant appearance, is the palace!
"But the bell!" A clear and crisp voice breaks the illusion of Korea fluid can be infinite, girl pleasantly surprised shouted: "you come!"
"Yue pose!" Korea can bell as the source of the sound to look on the corridor, I saw a girl wearing showily bear pajamas stood on the white carpet, the little bear on the pocket pattern and bear ears she looks more lovely hat.
"That, I moved in to live, to give you trouble, really sorry ah." Korea can bell scratches his head said.
"What how not bashful, quick to eat fruit!" Yue, down the stairs and into the living room picked up a dish of freshly cut mango.
"Yue pose!" Korea can bell finally envy sigh with emotion, "your house like a palace, beautiful you happiness like a princess!"
"Thank you. That you lived here, will be like a princess." Pleasant appearance and make the bell a fort for a slice of mango into his mouth.
"Oh!" Pleasant appearance suddenly exclaim 1, asked with concern: "did you eat dinner?"
Korea can bell touched the belly, feel is a bit of Russian "not yet." Just remember only shouted excitedly, already forgot himself hasn"t had a meal.
"Alas, evening sister! Could you do something to eat!" Yue posture toward the kitchen Shouting.
Not long after, a maid with a peach went to the living room. "Peaches?" Korea can bell strange to ask "why not hair?"
"Ha ha, just in this magic!" Pleasant appearance took it, walking upstairs "go, go to my room to eat."
Went upstairs, a row of neat row of the room: "between 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,7! Gosh! Pleasant appearance, you can open a hotel!!!" Korea can bell surprised shout to wu wear the mouth regardless of the image.
Pose? "yue yue appearance???" But the bell glance left and right, always can not find a pleasant appearance. Suddenly, one or the pink light on to the bell, she went into the big room, feeling suddenly came to a pink world. The wall of the classic pink lace curtains, dream powder, the bookcase with cherry blossom pink, pale pink quilt, the desk lamp of peach powder to make people feel special warmth.
"My god! You are accused of pink!" But the bell again opened his mouth. In fact, since entered the pleasant appearance, basic didn"t stop her mouth.
"I"m not pink!" Yue pose pouting said "furniture is my mother pick... aren"t you hungry? Come and eat."
But the bell just sit down; Pleasant appearance couldn"t wait to picked up the knife and fork; In the legend of "no hair" peach, created slits in the middle. Moment, red, orange, yellow, green, brown, blue, violet seven kinds of color of jam like volcanic eruptions, flowing out of the soft bread.
"Amazing!" But the bell clap hands call; "This is the bread, it is clear like peaches! What is this made of?"
"I named it 7 colour throughout. Red tomato, orange is orange, lemon yellow, green apple, chocolate brown, blue is blueberry, purple grapes. Our family is the most skilful evening elder sister to make bread!" Yue pose proudly said.
"The brown absolutely delicious!" Korea can cut brown bell that a piece of bread is must continue to eat, noticed that the brown bread is like concealed the rest of the 6 kinds of color, are worried about the taste would be too strange, pleasant appearance suddenly put the bread into the bell mouth. Sweet candy taste on the tongue tip scatter, deserve to go up a sour sweet jam too soft to in soft bread, it is good to explode!
Savouring the discus the volcano, Korea can bell to prepare sleep yue appearance presents a buried in her heart for a long time: "I"ve heard that you home is a big swimming pool, take me to have a look?"
"It"s too late today, tomorrow to go to, by the way, the wen wen also called on..." Voice is more and more weak, pleasant appearance asleep.
"Good night." To the edge of the bell to the head of a bed lamp, then into a dark room quiet.
She is looking forward to tomorrow.
2. The pool party
Through the window screen sunlight in, dark room suddenly had a glimmer of light.
Today is the first day of summer, how many some people can"t adjust to the hot hot. So the girls have such idea.
"Well," Korea can bell comfortably turned over, followed by a heavy "dong", then another scream "my ass!"
"What happened?" Heard shrieks, pleasant appearance also turned over, a lazy yawn, then open change to sleep, one is wrapped in a quilt, very hard on the ground struggling young girl.
"Ha ha ha ha......" Yue pose "flapping 捇" a loud laugh away.
"Hello, laugh what laugh, come and help me!" Korea can bell, rubbing my butt sitting on the ground of yue appearance called.
"Ha ha ha ha...... you, why don"t you look in the mirror." yue pose wiped to wipe eyes laugh out of tears, up from the bed to move to a body mirror in the bathroom.
Did not as I don"t know, a startled. Mirror in Korea to bell"s shoes wore covered the face of messy hair, teeth bared expression, easily twisted package in the quilt of body, two pedal to push. This, this is what person, is a novel of the witch!
"Ha ha ha ha..." Two girls chipper laughter from upstairs to the downstairs.
"Smile what ah? Yue, are you two doing? Breakfast ready, down to eat quickly!" There is a gentle sound downstairs.
"Coming!" Pleasant appearance that resilience helped Korea can bell up, "go, my mother told us to eat breakfast.
During the day yue pose more brilliant. White staircase, hung on the walls all kinds of art as sweet and appearance of the sketch, particularly refined.
Luxury restaurant, the servants would have set up a hearty breakfast.
"Well, how can the bell, did you sleep well last night?" A young woman sitting on a table with a smile asked Korea but bell.
"Good sister, who I last night is very good." Korea can be polite to thank the bell.
"This is my mother." Yue pose gently touched Korea can bell, corrected.
"Well, ah, aunt good!" Korea can bell quickly corrected, she did not dare to imagine, pleasant appearance of mother always so young and beautiful.
"It doesn"t matter, you call me anything." Pleasant appearance mum and smiling said, take the lead in open dishes, drink porridge. At ordinary times, it seems, there are a lot of people think her sister is a pleasant appearance.
"H"m hum..." Korea can fluid machinery to open plate, mechanical smile, mechanically drink congee to have to admit, pleasant appearance, porridge made good indeed, but the bell drank three bowls of whole!
After breakfast, pleasant appearance return to room, call mo wen wen to play. Korea can the bell on the door eavesdropping, er, so be like a little immoral.
Pleasant appearance, sound insulation super good, so can only hear the sound of the intermittent bell: "hello... can you come?... ok, then we will wait for you at home... bye bye!" The creaking, suddenly be pushed away, pleasant appearance, Korea can bell a center of gravity be unsteady, alive, alive fell into it. "What brings you here?" Yue pose asked doubtfully.
"Well, it"s a long story... Korea can bell stammer, rubbed fell pain ass, like fly fled down the stairs.
"To do, I don"t have my bathing suit." Korea can bell sitting on the couch, playing with his fingers.
"It doesn"t matter." Yue appearance does not know when to get a lot of swimsuit "suits me more is, you want a few pieces of I have a few, but I think this a few pieces of worthy of your style.."
"Yue pose that"s very kind of you!" Korea can bell to yue appearance to a big bear hug, and then pick the white swimsuit, where there is a big rabbit, chic and lovely.
"Ding dong yue" appearance of the house of the bell sent a ringing sound.
A cut the short hair girl hand in a blue bag.
"Hi, wen wen, you come!" Yue pose holding grain lines hand, hello said: "let"s go swimming! Can bell want to see my swimming pool."
"Well, let"s go!" Wen wen intimacy to pull the bell"s hand and walked to the locker room, originally this man"s "amnesia" so serious, still noisy out yesterday, today didn"t feel a thing. The locker room clean and tidy here is not so much the locker room, as a small room. Wardrobe, seat, showers, from soup to nuts.
Change my clothes, pleasant appearance with bell and wen wen came to a big balcony, see a big glass house. "Wow, what a big glass house!" Mo wen wen pointed to the glass house let out a scream.
"Come." Yue boots said: "in order to prevent bask in summer, my mother to the swimming pool installed a curved glass. There is a circular glass pool table, there are two chairs beside. Can be used to drink tea in the afternoon. The pool edge surrounded with flowers, swimming pool is the most beautiful during the day, like a garden."
Up on the glass house, as if a dream house. The sun came out of the window, reflection in the pool of water, surface with a layer of the colours of the rainbow.
"Flop" 1, pleasant appearance and Korea can bell was spilled in water, it turns out that mo wen wen can"t wait to jump down, choked the boss a mouthful of water. "Cough cough, cough" wen wen coughing. "Wen wen ah, you also, also too impatient! We don"t have a warm-up: how do you was in a rush to go!" But the bell in distress situation.
"I still say, you have the ability to swim a swim!" Mo wen wen defy spirit to refute.
"Don"t don"t don"t don"t don"t..." Korea can bell hurriedly dodge. "Well, under the water." Pleasant appearance finish preparing movement, also the plunge.
"But the bell, quick down!" Mo wen wen urged to.
"I, I, still calculate." Korea can shake hand bell, who knows that she can"t swim.
"It doesn"t matter, we teach you, quick down!" Pleasant appearance and trying to convince the bell. "This..." Korea can fluid look at water, hesitating.
"Oh, nothing to it, underwater can be fun," mo wen wen is not representative for Korea can bell establishment.
"Flop," she suddenly sank in the water: "help!"
"Ha ha." Yue come appearance to save Korea can bell, she had to be the daylights out of which there are in the mood for: : "death mo wen wen, dare to put me down, see how do I fix you!" Water slide, once missed, but the bell fell and was about to yell for help, only to find themselves without oxygen: "I float!"
"Congratulations, you don"t learn from will." Mo wen wen boast to. Can be in the next second, Korea can be fluid and sank.
"Well, I teach you or not. First of all, relax..." Yue pose like a teacher.
"Ah, I float again!" Korea can bell is very satisfied. "Stop talking! Be careful sink again!" Yue posture reminder. Don"t know whether I sink scared, but the bell was really darling keep your mouth shut.
After a while, but the bell basic rise up, so pleasant appearance and wen wen decided to hold a swimming competition. "No, I prevent resistance!!!!!!" Korea"s hands up to the bell "I just have a little float, how will you!"
Resistance is invalid! "" Mo wen wen said: "you can swim slowly, as long as you can to the finish line."
"3, 2, 1, start!" Pleasant appearance began Shouting swimming competition. "Hey! You! I can"t swim!" Her bitterness to look at the surface, then slowly lie down, straight to float on the surface of the water, let the water wave where will she floated, like an unmanned ship, wafted east, west drifted back.
"Hi, bell, you progress?" Pleasant appearance off the goggles, floating silently to the Korea can bell asked.
"Uh hum... you know CARES about me?" Korea can bell growled back.
"Of course. But now the most important thing is to you to the end!" Mo wen wen raised Korea to bell"s hand, unceremoniously dragged back to the end.
"To!" Mo wen wen can comfort Korea bell: "no matter how you, but you did from beginning to the end"
"Well, I believe, as long as more than a few times, you will be able to swim." Pleasant appearance also told the Korea can bell.
"What do you mean? And what do you want me to be dragged a few times more?" But bell asked yue.
"Of course not!" Pleasant appearance quickly.
"Ha ha ha ha!" Mo wen wen laughed and leave the swimming pool.
"Ah, wen wen you wait for me!" Yue pose hastily and went out.
"You give me stop!"
3. In trouble
Faced a hearty breakfast, three small version can"t wait to sit in the seat, picked up the knife and fork, just want to a piece of cheese bread "laid a hand on him," she heard dad kind of say: "my mother and I eat breakfast to go to a classmate party, you have fun at home, but the bell, wen wen you want to go though with yue said, let her take you to play. Don"t mention it, put it when his home."
"Well! Good!" Grain to grain and bell nodded.
After breakfast, my mom to dress up a phone in the room, suddenly become very beautiful, like a young girl in their twenties. "Wow --!" Korea can be fluid and mo wen wen is almost the same time issued a amazing "is so beautiful!!!!!" "Thanks." Mom smiled whilst placing a hand over your mouth.
"Oh, we"re going to walk!" Mother urged father side, the side to the three friends said "good fun, don"t mention it!"
"Bye!" The girls to send good after mom and dad, but the bell turned "yue, that your mother is so beautiful, I, I want to change, too. Ok?" "Well, that come to my room!" Yue pose readily agreed.
"Can be the bell bell, look, how about this dress?" Mo wen wen than with a white princess dress.
"Too exaggeration."
"So, this?" Grain to grain and condole belt dress than with a pale yellow.
"Grandma." Korea can bell almost did not even lift head.
"Ah." Pleasant appearance of fiddling with the pink ruffled skirt "bell, wen wen, have you found? How are we going to dress up no mother so beautiful."
"HMM. If need something." Mo wen wen also answers.
"High-heeled shoes, jewelry, clothing, also, there are... cosmetics!" Korea can bell all she could think of something can be used to dress up all say it out.
"You don"t want to go to my mom"s room, if it damaged what is miserably..." Pleasant appearance did, hurriedly block.
"It doesn"t matter, we won"t break it." Impatient mo wen wen first rushed in and pleasant appearance my mom"s room: "yi? Chest?"
Pleasant appearance also hurriedly follow: "locker room here." She opened the door, but the bell and grain to grain was entered the labyrinth, the lamplight of warm color department, the clothes is placed neatly: "yue, like a clothing store here!"
"Well, the smell of perfume. Delicious ah." Smelling the bell said: "just like star closet."
"But the bell bell, are this clothes good-looking?" Mo wen wen can"t wait to pick up a sky skirt, black look her temperament is special style.
Good, good!" Pleasant appearance and clap for the bell.
"Ha ha." Mo wen wen has looked at the sky skirt in detail. "I go to change clothes!" You also come on! "Then she will meet in the dressing room.
"Yue, the butterfly skirt good flowing, it"s suitable for you! There is a big miss." Fluid from a row labeled "often wear clothes in the" pick out a red butterfly skirt, it has two black butterfly, one large and one small on yue appearance than with: "good!"
"Thanks!" Pleasant appearance took the dress. "Then I go to change, you hurry up!"
"Well." Is Korea can bell when looking for a suitable for her clothes, a glimpse of locking the decoration on a pink linger-sometimes constantly hairpin, shiny like gems, let her fondle admiringly. So she decided to find a pink skirt. Cloakroom few pink clothes, maybe is yue pose mother don"t like pink and tender color.
"Hey, what"s that?" She go to the end of the locker room, found a pink skirt, locked in a glass case, apparently yue pose mother"s treasures. On the skirt decorated with a large a large diamond, sparkles shine. Diamond diamond to add to the magnificent atmosphere, tender pink sleeveless dresses but also added a bit. "This!"
Changing the clothes, the girls are very excited to the fitting former boast one left right look in the mirror, and then add them according to their own clothing style act the role ofing is tasted, grain to grain and is an engraved with the brand of "mystery" necklace, a pair of dark blue gloves, black bud silk stockings and a pair of shoes, embroidered with yellow pattern, like a mysterious colorific soothsayers. Yue posture in the overhead, a rose on the ice crystals gloves, on either side of hair don"t the two butterflies, match again a pair of intersection rose high heels, like wood elves gorgeous and lovely. And Korea can bell, don"t in her that already see linger-sometimes constantly in the hairpin, wearing a big pink bow on the collar, wearing stockings and white love pattern of small butterfly high-heeled shoes, suddenly turned into a sweet princess.
"Ha ha, so beautiful!" Can the bell for pleasant appearance and wen wen said.
"You are also good ah, like a princess!" Wen wen also back to assist.
"But bell, coated with this bright lipstick, you must be very good-looking!" Pleasant appearance picked up the dresser pink lipstick give Korea can bell, brush with wool and carefully brush on her eyelashes, finally to bell on powdery bottom: "mission accomplished!"
"Don"t say, yue pose you makeup is something!" After reflection in the mirror, can the bell said to yue pose a thumbs-up.
"Let me see!" Mo wen wen also couldn"t help run to come over and look at: "how nice, pleasant appearance quickly give me also a make-up.
"Line." To see wen wen ages, pleasant appearance only took out a bottle of light pink lip gloss, to grain lines on the light, and took one eyebrow pencil to give her my eyebrows. Although simple, but very good temperament of the soothsayers.
"That yue pose you?" Grain to grain and bell asked her.
"I." Yue pose to give oneself put a layer of bright red lipstick, "ok!" She enjoyed turned a circle.
"Ha ha ha ha, today is enough addiction!" Locker room echoed with the girls happy laughter. But they have in imperceptible in lost half toner.
"Oh!" Pleasant appearance suddenly back smile, both hands to cover your mouth and eyes of the boss, "finished, we put the cloakroom mess!"
"Ah!" Heard a scream in yue posture, poor and wen wen also turned from the "miserable, affirmation is just mess when choosing clothes."
"Yue, we are back!"
"Well!" Heard a mother, three girls are scared of hair stood up, with horror on his face. Hiding is too late, they had to standing in situ.
"Cheep!" Suddenly the door opened, and dad and mum came in.
"Oh my god, the home into the thief?" The mother exclaimed to back two steps.
In front of the locker room a mess, they choose to lower the head quiet.
"Home... home into the thief, I did this... see you wear so beautiful this morning, I...... I also want to try..." Korea can bell first to admit his mistake.
"That you said, how shall we punish you?" Dad pretend very seriously.
"No, no, no, come to the cloakroom is also my idea, not all the fault to the bell! If it weren"t for me so recklessly, cloakroom will not disturb." Mo wen wen also share the error quickly.
"Me too. I shouldn"t take them to come here." Pleasant appearance also lowered his head.
"Ha ha, in fact I had thought about is you do these little devil, but in order to test your honesty and friendship, deliberately said to punish you." Dad suddenly laughed, explained to them.
"Just to see you suffer in order not to let the company have the courage to bear, we are very pleased." Mother also spoke the truth.
"That... you forgive us?"
"Of course."
"Good!" Can the bell side of pleasant appearance and wen wen said excitedly holding both hands turned around.
"Go and change your clothes, put make-up on her face, makeup bottle in the third dresser. Then get down to eat, I give you prepared a lot of good things to eat!" Pleasant appearance"s mother said, and went downstairs.
"Good!" Three of them all the reply, is permeated with happy smile on her face.
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